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JS Momentum Factor ETF NC Announces Trading Activity

Karachi (PPI Bot): JS Momentum Factor ETF NC (JSMFETF) recorded a today’s rate of 12.74 RS and a daily weighted average rate of 70.041. With the fund size in millions, it concluded the year in June with no distributions. The ETF, par-valued at 10 RS a…

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Clover Pakistan Ltd NC Maintains Stability in Market

Karachi (PPI Bot): Clover Pakistan Ltd NC (CLOV) recorded a rate of 16.49 RS today with a daily weighted average rate of 311.43 RS. The company has not announced any distributions for the year ending in June. The par value is 10 RS with a market lot o…

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AEL Textiles Ltd. Faces Challenges with Negative EPS

Karachi (PPI Bot): AEL Textiles Ltd., listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, did not declare any dividends for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023. The company’s daily weighted average rate stood at Rs. 21.70, with a paid-up capital of Rs. 80.00 million. T…

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