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چین کا معروف ہوٹل مینجمنٹ فرموں کا مجموعہ وانڈا ہوٹل اور ریزورٹس ترکی میں وانڈا وسٹا استنبول کھول رہا ہے، یہ بین الاقوامی سطح پر پہلا منظم ہوٹل ہے

بیجنگ، 2 اکتوبر، 2021 / پی آر نیوزوائر/ – –  وانڈا ہوٹلز اینڈ ریزورٹس اپنا پہلا بین الاقوامی سطح پر منظم ہوٹل، وانڈا وسٹا استنبول، ترکی میں یکم اکتوبر کو کھول رہا ہے، جو گروپ کی آف شور مینجمنٹ کا

د چین نامتو ہوټل مینجمنټ وانډا ہوټل او ریزورټس وانډا وسټا استنبول په ترکی کښې پرانیزی، دا لومړی بین الاقوامی سطح باندی منظم ہوټل دے۔

بیجنګ ، یکم اکتوبر ، 2021 / پی آر نیوزوائر / – وانډا ہوټلز اینډ ریزورټس به د خپل لومړی بین الاقوامی سطح باندی زیر انتظام ہوټل – وانډا وسټا استنبول – په  ترکی کښې یکم اکتوبر له پرانیزی ،

Door to door vaccination campaign underway in Punjab: Dr. Yasmin

Punjab Minister for Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid has said that a door to door vaccination campaign is underway in the province.Speaking during visit to a vaccination center in Lahore, she said that seven hundred thousand people are daily vaccinated in

Over 759,000 people vaccinated across GB

In Gilgit-Baltistan, the district administrations are actively working to ensure implementation of COVID-19 standard operating procedure and vaccination to stop spread of pandemic.Deputy Commissioner Ghizer, Zameer Abbas in an interview with our Gilgit...

First Pak-China Technical Vocational Institute Inaugurated in Gwadar

The first Pakistan-China technical-vocational institute under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was inaugurated in Gwadar today.China’s Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong attended the inauguration ceremony through a video link and said that the...

Finance Minister Inaugurates FBR’s Track & Trace System in PTC Jhelum Factory

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Shaukat Tarin, inaugurated the much-awaited Track & Trace System (TTS) of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) at the Pakistan Tobacco Company’s (PTC) factory in Jhelum on Friday.The special ceremony was attende...

FBR Imposes Service Charges on POS Invoices

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has imposed service charges at a rate of Rs. 1 per invoice issued through all points of sale (POS) to be collected by Tier-1 retailers from customers across the country.In this connection, the FBR

SPI-based Weekly Inflation Slightly Declines Due to Cheaper Food Items

The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended on September 30, 2021, recorded a decrease of 0.10 percent due to a decline in the prices of some food items, according to the weekly data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics