Zameen observes increased interest of investors in DHA Lahore Phase 9

Laohr April 05 , 2013 — DHA Lahore has always been a magnet for investors because of its promising prospects. DHA Lahore phase 9 is about to grant possession of 5-8 marla plots in Shauhda Town to the allottees in the nearfuture which is possibly one of the reasons why the locality is currently experiencing an increase interest from Pakistan real estate investors on

According to, Defence Housing Authority has set new trends in Pakistan property market. It is one of the most admired localities amongst the residents and investors. DHA always follows strict rules for its town planning which is why it is still considered a state of the art project in Lahore. The proper town planning allows DHA to maintain the standard and symphony of its developments.

DHA Lahore has always proven and presented itself as a worthy investment option for the investors, who seek reasonable capital appreciations which is their money’s worth., which is the best property portal of Pakistan, observes increased interest of the investors in DHA Lahore phase 9. Zameen notes that the property files of this locality are an important attraction for the investors and prospective residents as well.

Development work in the locality is still underway but Zameen notes the symptoms of the provision of possessions to the file holders in the nearfuture. Investors have already secured reasonable capital gains on their investments in this locality. However, the locality still has the potential of providing capital appreciations to the people as a lot of people have invested in this community only for the sake profits. Nevertheless, the success of the locality also entices prospective residents to put in their hard-earned money in DHA phase 9.

According to Pakistan real estate experts at,plot files for DHA Lahore phase 9have already been selling like hot cakes, but the site’s experts believe that this is the time for some serious business, as possessions are likely to be provided soon. It is expected that with the provision of possession, file holders would experience healthy price hikes.

Zameen further extrapolates that these promising features have upheld the investors to release their money in this locality to make gains. DHA once again won the sentiments of its investors by providing a safe investment haven. The increased trend of investors for buying property in this locality is the evidence that, much like all other phases of DHA, this phase 9 too is a success.