Wi-tribe now offers Net Nanny the world’s most trusted parental control software

Islamabad: Wi-tribe, Pakistan’s No. 1 broadband, marks its niche as a family-oriented broadband company that aims to enable more control for wi-tribe parents by introducing Net Nanny – the world’s most trusted parental control software.

Bringing in a new addition to its Software-as-a-Service portfolio, wi-tribe is offering subscription to Net Nanny at an affordable monthly rate, so that families can enjoy completely personalized internet browsing. Considering that a growing number of parents are often concerned about the internet usage habits of their children, wi-tribe deemed it essential for parents to have an effective tool at their disposal to monitor and control content exposure over the internet.

Net Nanny is a highly reliable parental control software that allows parents to not only limit the amount of time their children spend online, but can also filter and block access to websites and programs such as messengers and chat rooms, social media networks and online games, along with 35 other categories.

Net Nanny is an easy-to-use, yet intelligent software, that not only enables a high level of content control, but also keeps subscribers updated by sending regular email notifications and reports providing details of websites visited, time spent on instant messaging activities and nature of activities on social media networks.

“As a brand that strongly believes in human values, all of us at wi-tribe take our moral responsibility very seriously, making internet usage as safe and constructive as possible for our audience. Net Nanny has a proven track record of helping parents restrict malicious internet content to protect the impressionable minds of their children.” said Ali Fahd, Director Marketing, wi-tribe Pakistan.

To get customers started, wi-tribe has made it fairly simple to subscribe to Net Nanny, requiring only a single visit to http://my.wi-tribe.pk and a few button clicks. wi-tribe aims to continue introducing a range of new services, enabling its customers to get the best, most customized experience from the internet.

Visit wi-tribe.pk to learn more about Net Nanny and its benefits.

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