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Waqar Zaka Made Rs. 1.2 Crore Profit On a Live Stream During Bitcoin Crash

The cryptocurrency world can be volatile and unpredictable, but Waqar Zaka, a Pakistani influencer and crypto financial analyst, demonstrated how to capitalize on such market conditions during the recent Bitcoin crash at the $67,000 level. The crypto market had fallen sharply after Israel's military said Iran had fired 'dozens' of drones toward it in a retaliatory attack. Going live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for over three hours, Waqar Zaka showed his followers that with the right knowledge and strategy, one can make significant gains even when others are hesitant. A Masterclass in Crypto Trading Amidst heightened market volatility stemming from the Iran-Israel conflict, Zaka was one of the few individuals in the crypto space who live-streamed their real-time winnings. During the 3-4 hours of the Iranian strike, Zaka demonstrated exceptional performance and bagged roughly Rs. 1.2 crore in earnings, outperform ing industry counterparts by a mile. His approach involved careful analysis and strategic investment during the Bitcoin crash. While other big influencers in the crypto market all over the world remained quiet, Waqar took the opportunity to share his expertise and trading strategies with his audience. One of the most notable aspects of Waqar's livestream was his ability to make money from both large and small investments. Using multiple accounts on different platforms, including one on desktop and another on mobile, he demonstrated that his techniques could be applied to accounts with varying sizes of capital. This approach not only highlighted his adaptability but also offered valuable lessons for investors with limited funds. Waqar Zaka's live session was an insightful experience for his followers and anyone interested in crypto trading. He emphasized the importance of staying informed, seizing opportunities during market downturns, and diversifying investments. His live trading session during the Bitcoin crash served as a masterclass in cryptocurrency investment. His achievements during the session demonstrated how seasoned traders can leverage market downturns to their advantage. Around nine years ago, when digital currencies were barely known in the country, Zaka began sharing his crypto knowledge with the public. Source: Pro Pakistani