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Vivo Watch 3 Design Confirmed Through Official Posters

Vivo Watch 3, the latest generation of smart wearables from the Chinese phone maker is set to be unveiled alongside the Vivo X100 flagship phone on November 13, and we now have official images showcasing the wearable in its two-color variants.

The teasers reveal that the Watch 3 will be equipped with a digital crown button for navigation, in addition to a side button, speaker, and microphone cutouts, which strongly suggest that the watch will support voice calls. The initial release is expected to feature at least two-color options: black and beige.

The teasers don’t show a variety of straps, but as usual, there are going to be several options to choose from. Vivo Watch 3 will also likely be available in multiple sizes. Overall, the design of the wearable looks quite similar to the Google Pixel Watch.

Furthermore, the Watch 3 is anticipated to make its debut with Vivo’s proprietary BlueOS operating system. This operating system is built on the Rust programming language and is designed to facilitate various input methods, including voice and gestures, ensuring seamless connectivity with Vivo smartphones and other wearable devices.

Additionally, BlueOS is also touted to be 67% more memory efficient while saving 48% more power, which is ideal for gadgets like these. Vivo says that the new OS will also have an 18% improved response speed due to a super coroutine mechanism. The operating system can run on devices with RAM as low as 32MB.

Since generative AI is all the rage, BlueOS also has support for Large Language Models (LLMs) and multimodal interactions.

Vivo has not revealed any plans to release BlueOS for its smartphones. For the time being, Vivo phones will continue to feature Origin OS in China and Funtouch OS in China.

Source: Pro Pakistani