United States Consul General William Martin visited on March 26 the Karachi headquarters of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry, Pakistan’s largest industrial trade association.

Karachi: The Consul General had a productive discussion during a working lunch with KATI Chairman Ehtishamuddin, KATI Patron-in-Chief S.M. Muneer, Mian Zahid Hussain President (AKIA) and approximately 25 KATI members about ways to strengthen the U.S.-Pakistani commercial relationship. The Consul General affirmed that the United States is committed to working with its Pakistani partners to strengthen Pakistan’s economy.

“We want Pakistan to prosper, we want you to grow your businesses, and create jobs,” the Consul General stated. He acknowledged the efforts of KATI members in strengthening bilateral trade ties, adding, “We recognize your efforts to enhance trade with the U.S.” KATI members stressed the importance of promoting contact and travel between American and Pakistani businesspeople, and the Consul General welcomed KATI’s efforts to increase business-to-business and people-to-people contacts between the two countries. Participants in the discussion concurred that the American-Pakistani relationship is an old and deep one. Mr. S,M. Muneer appraised the efforts of U.S. Consul General and said he is doing great job.

He asked the US Govt. to soften travel advisory on Pakistan. Chairman KATI Ehtesham Uddin said business community is looking forward to get same level playing field and similar treatment as being given to Vietnam, Jordan, Cambodia, etc by US rather than loan, aid, or grant. President All Karachi Industrial Alliance(AKIA) Mian Zahid Hussain pointed out Pakistan is facing worst ever energy crises and U.S. should assist follow it in resolving this problem at affordable cost. Masood Naqi, Chairman Standing Committee on Diplomatic Affairs KATI, stressed on getting for tariff relief for USA and making exports to US market duty free.

They agreed that both countries should work to address regional challenges in a spirit of frank and open dialogue and cooperation in the mutual interests of both countries. The Consul General expressed his optimism for Pakistan’s future, noting that whenever he interacts with Pakistani businesspeople he is convinced that Pakistan’s private sector will lead the country on the path to economic growth, prosperity, and job creation. “I want to stress I am an optimist about Pakistan,” the Consul General concluded.

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