United Kingdom Minister meets with the Organisation of the Islamic Conference

Islamabad: Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi met today with the Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference

Baroness Warsi, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference discuss building understanding and community relationships between Christians and Muslims.

Baroness Warsi and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, met the Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Professor Ekemeleddin Ihsanoglu, who was visiting London during last week at the invitation of Baroness Warsi. They discussed the importance of continuing to build understanding, and personal and community relationships, between Christians and Muslims (and members of other faiths), and particularly among younger members of the faith communities.

In the meeting, it was said that while both traditions had historically been committed to the path of peaceful co-existence, some modern revisionist and extremist tendencies had attempted to replace this with a path of confrontation and violence – this had to be resisted. It was said that the most positive way forward was to emphasise the duty of every faith community to work for the protection of every other. Religious freedom, and freedom from religious persecution – especially the persecution of minorities – were essential hallmarks of responsible government. For their part, religious leaders had a duty to speak out and stand side by side against the unjust persecution of those of other faiths.

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