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Under Construction Building of Lahore Services Hospital Collapses

The under-construction 3-storey building of Lahore’s Services Hospital has collapsed, prompting a swift response from police and rescue teams.

Thankfully, no casualties have been reported so far as the rescue teams told the media that the block was empty when it collapsed.

Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Rafia Haider, said that the workers have been safely evacuated from the building. Additionally, the area adjacent to the building has been sealed as a safety measure.

She added that they are investigating the matter to determine the cause of the building collapse. Moreover, the rescue teams are utilizing a life locator device to search for any individuals beneath the debris.

According to the MS of Services Hospital, a fire broke out in the under-construction building, which eventually collapsed. He added that the contractor confirmed that all the workers were evacuated before the collapse.

Source: Pro Pakistani