Turkish and Saudi Arabia’s ties and its impact on the Gulf region Turmoil

Peace is possible in the Gulf region, but it requires a right approach

Sadly, it seems that it will be a miracle if all the stakeholders of the Gulf region opt for a right approach in order to end up this badly intense turmoil of the Gulf region, that has not only affected that specific part of the world, in fact, its outcomes have also reached to each part of the world. And since the country such as Libya got into the turmoil after the Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall, so it’s few cities went into the ISIS’s control, and that alarmed the Europe for any sort of threat from Libya, which Europe also witnessed in the shape of deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels. You may differ from this, but that is the fact that lacking of heading towards the right path in order to defeat this rapidly growing turmoil of the Arab world, is only because of the wrong approaches of all the stakeholders of the region and in that suppressing each other and overlooking each other’s importance to end up this turmoil, is another issue that ignited the turmoil more in the Gulf region.

Iran cannot be overlooked, when it comes to bring peace

Yes, that is true that if countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, keep on overlooking Iran and do not come up with the policy of shaking hands with Iran in order to take measures together for bringing peace in the Gulf region, so their efforts of enhancing ties with each other will not be that much effective as it should be for the sake of bringing stability and peace in the Gulf region. Now if you go through the actual insight of Gulf region’s current turmoil, so you will come across that both Iran and Saudi Arabia are busy in lobbying against each other in order to sustain their influence on the Gulf region, but both these two countries will have to understand that both of them are important in order to bring peace and stability in the Gulf region and this aggressive policy against each other will not work.

What Turkey is doing in the turmoil of the Gulf region

So far it has been seen that Turkey stands beside Saudi Arabia, when it comes to the Turmoil of the Gulf region, we must also know that Iran is also much concerned about the growing ties of Turkey with Saudi Arabia, and that is what the current regime of Turkey must know, because that is what, which is strengthening the already existing political imbalance in the Gulf region.

Why don’t Turkey Unite Iran and Saudi Arabia?

Turkey comes in the list of fewer countries, that can really help to end up this turmoil of the Gulf region, and if it understands its responsibility, so solving an issue of the Gulf region, will not be a difficult task for the stakeholders of the region, and that is what the current regime of Turkey must understand. The current regime of Turkey, must understand that the role of mediator to unite Iran and Saudi Arabia in order to bring peace in the Gulf region, will eventually make it achieve a leading future role when it comes to the Arab world. In the recent times, when the Saudi Arabia’s regime aimed to deploy its ground forces into Syria through Turkish territory, so that alarmed the regime of Iran, so Turkey should be on a path of making friends rather than getting trapped among two strong countries’ conflict, which will definitely not go into Turkey’s favor as far as the current situation of the Gulf region is concerned.

The recent visit to Turkey by King Salman

The Saudi Arabia’s leader, King, Salman recently had a visit to Turkey in order to have talks with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and both two leaders were expected to have talks on various bilateral, regional and international issues of common concerns, but the most prominent points for which that visit of King Salman has been highlighted most in the media were security, trade and economy. According to Turkish Ambassador Yunus Demirer, the visit of King Salman happens to boost up strategic cooperative partnerships between these two countries and he also joined Turkish officials in order to welcome the king and his entourage.

Riyadh and Ankara’s growing ties

Riyadh and Ankara have come up with a strategic council and that is to strengthen military, economic and investment cooperation and both these two countries are on a way to intensify their efforts in coming up with a political resolution in Syria and coming up with an effective solution for Syria, has been in the limelight of this recent meeting between these two leaders. But both countries, will eventually have to come to a point that without improving relation with Iran, heading towards a peaceful solution, is like going nowhere, so with striving hard to bring peace in Syria, Turkey must make “decreasing distance between these two countries’ its one of the foremost part of its foreign policy and that will also help it to deal with Syrian Kurds effectively, which will eventually make the Turkish regime witness peace at a Syrian-Turkish border.


The main objective of this visit of King Salman to Turkey, has happened to evaluate the recent developments in the Gulf region and its outcomes in the region, after the visit to Egypt by King, Salman, his this visit to Turkish is also of similar importance and both the regimes of Egypt and Turkey, happen to stand beside Saudi Arabia when it comes to the Arab turmoil. According to the ambassador, Turkey is also seeing Participation of King, Salman in the OIC summit as one of the most important development, and that indicates how much the current regime of Turkey is involved, when it comes to the ongoing turmoil of the Gulf region.