Turbulence in pre-existing political frameworks will lead to Macro imbalances within the country: Shah Faisal Afridi

Lahore, May 09, 2016 (PPI-OT): The Turbulence in pre-existing political frameworks will lead to Macro imbalances within the country. It was stated by Shah Faisal Afridi, president Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a press statement while commenting on the prevalent scenario which may cause catastrophic implications on country’s domestic economy in general and CPEC projects in particular.

Faisal Afridi was of the view that Policies of government do not come into existence in minutes and seconds, they require long duration to be accomplished, adding that he said that after screening through long tedious process, when they come in the implementation phase, some desirable, anti-growth, anti-developmental elements poke their nose and try to damage the whole fabric of development programs.

Faisal Afridi said that it is pertinent that public should be aware of the ultimate consequences of such political turbulence and therefore take decisions accordingly. He mentioned that people should understand that why the so called public well-wishers belonging to varied doctrines suddenly come into existence who actually work for their master’s interests which in this case is quite visible.

Faisal Afridi explicated that China is becoming Pakistan’s largest trading partner and a major investor which has committed to invest $46 billion in a host of sectors including energy in Pakistan. The Chinese government has also taken over operational control of Gwadar Port – a region which will help propel economic activities across Pakistan. He lamented that $46 billion investment in projects under the CPEC was an eyesore for many internal and external forces who do not want to see progress and development in the country. He mentioned that the people who are criticizing these developmental plans do not want to see the country, forming new roads, power houses, infrastructure, health and education. He urged the nation to pray to Almighty Allah to protect the country from intentions of the evil.

He quoted the visible agitation in this regard from Indian Prime minister who has openly reprimanded that CPEC projects are destabilizing India. He has visibly shown his resentment in accomplishment of CPEC projects, pointed Afridi.

Faisal Afridi enunciated great concern upon such detrimental factors that create ambiguity in the developmental setting. He said that it needs to be realized by every single person of the Pakistani Community that any social and political disorder in the current situation will rigorously eliminate the long-term commitments from foreign investors. He asserted that Pakistan must continue with the democratic process to get on track, Good governance will not come automatically; it has to be develop, expressed Afridi.

Faisal Afridi maintained that foreign investment could be attracted only when there is a good infrastructure, good governance, proper implementations of the laws and the legal protection of the investment. All the investment will be withdrawn by investors if there is any political turmoil in the country, Countries make progress when there is continuation of policies, asserted Afridi.

He informed that the major factors considered by investors while making their investment decisions are; political stability and consistency of state policies in an effort to work in an investment-friendly environment.

Afridi Regarded political stability a pre-condition for the nation-building, and nation-building is a process necessary for the survival and development of a nation. He mentioned that the process of nation-building works twofold; it works towards identity formation of a nation which results in integration of society, and obviously an integrated society plays an important part into state-building that includes the development of administrative infrastructure of the state.

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