Trusk an App that makes moving heavy objects and furniture a much more pleasant experience

Different Applications and their impact on our lives

Since the tech world started evolving rapidly, so that has made us coming across new technologies, each day, which are introduced to the masses to leverage them in order to get their daily life tasks done in a much comfortable way and get the life much easier and that is what the evolution in the tech world means to offer to our society. Gone are the days when we used to depend on the traditional ways of getting things done of our daily life tasks such as paying for bills, buying things while standing in a long line at any store and many other daily life tasks, but all that have become much easy to accomplish as we have jumped into the world of Applications, which have happened to be the most admirable innovations of the modern era so far as they have brought a great change in our lives, by letting us accomplish different daily life tasks, through just a few clicks and the same the French Startup Trusk is offering to people.

Let’s find out more about Trusk

Trusk happens to be a French startup and it also resembles Uber, but as we say that it resembles Uber that does not mean that it has been designed for the same purpose the Uber has been designed picking up people and taking them to their desired destination. In fact, it is for moving heavy objects and furniture, which is indeed the hardest task for anyone and you, will have witnessed people finding better ways to accomplish it and now the wait is over for them as the French Startup Trusk has arrived in their lives. If you are considering it a mover startup or transporter only so it means you are taking it wrong as it happens to be something more flexible and for your information the company has had a weekly growth rate that reached to 15 percent in the recent times.

Will it replace UberXL or not?

Before the arrival of this French startup to inspire people, they used to depend on UberXL in order to transport different things and you must remember that mostly UberXL is being used to transport different goods by people within the cities and according to many drivers of Uber, UberXL has been witnessed to be used a lot for the purpose of moving goods by people and now after the launch of Trusk, it is yet to see that how much Trusk will attract people towards itself for this specific purpose of transporting different goods.

The expected success of this French Startup

According to many I.T experts, there are chances that this new French startup will dominate that specific field and may replace UberXL when it comes to transport different sort of goods in a much better and safer way. It is another fact that the company knows that there are many people and companies, who have the same sort of needs and the chances of the success of this French startup are much higher as it seems to make transporting goods much easier for both companies and common people.