Transaction of 36,000 shares of Resham Textile Industries Limited

Karachi, Resham Textile Industries Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange about transaction of shares of the company. 36,000 shares @ Rs. 51.144 per share were bought from the market on May 13, 2016 through CDC.

Resham Textile Industries Ltd was set up and incorporated in Pakistan in June 06, 1990 as a Public Limited Company. After the public issue, it was listed at Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges in 1992.

The mills are located on 1.5 km Habibabad in the Kasur district, Punjab. One thousand employees are currently working at the mills and an annual production capacity of 12,437,813 Kg of yarn is currently being achieved.

The Company has developed and grown well and has a modern spinning facility of 38,448 spindles with annual production of 12,437,813 kgs of yarn (converted to 20/1) during FY 2008.

The symbol “REST” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of Resham Textile Industries Ltd.