Today’s youth are the architects of tomorrow and will represent their country as Ambassador

Abu Dhabi, January 19, 2013 (PPI-OT): “Today’s youth are the architects of tomorrow and will represent their country as Ambassador. By acquiring education we can bring awareness that help in eliminating extremist trend which is black spot in any society and propels the country from darkness to development. Extra Co-curricular activities plays equally vital role in the student’s progress. People of Pakistan and UAE are tied with the strong bonds of the same religion and cultural traditions.

We are proud of our rich culture. The main Aim behind these activities is to further strengthen the relations with UAE and hail the spirit of brotherhood. Ambassador of Pakistan H.E Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan expressed these views during Inter School cultural program to promote Pakistan and UAE traditional and cultural values.

The event was held, under the patronage of Embassy of Pakistan, in Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School, Abu Dhabi. Principle of the school Miss Tabinda Al Ghazali along with the staff welcomed the Ambassador.

Ms Amal Al Ali and Ms Amal Al Mazroui, Senior specialist from improvement division of Abu Dhabi Education Council, and Mr. Abdul Al Hanan representative of school sponsor also attend the function.

Ambassador Khan while addressing the audience, commanded the efforts of the teaching staff of all the Pakistani schools in UAE and further said: “I am aware of the fact that teachers are getting less incentives as compared to the others schools but they are very hard working. Fee of the students is very low in our schools and still some of the parents are unable to pay. Within the existing resources teachers incentives should be increased to lift the teachers moral.

Ambassador Khan also praised the new principle of Shiekh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School. He said that in a vey short span of time she has managed to improve the school discipline and now she is working hard to develop the educational structure of the school.

Students from Pakistan Community welfare School Mussafah, Islamaia School Al Ain and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School, Abu Dhabi, performed acts on topics of ethics, tradition and culture. Young students wearing national dresses introduced cultural diversity of the provinces of Pakistan and Kashmir and received huge applaud on their excellent performance.

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