The All Pakistan Newspaper Society has welcomed the appointment of Ms. Shazia Marri as Minister Information and Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah as Secretary Information

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“The APNS has welcomed the appointment of Ms. Shazia Marri as Minister Information and Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah as Secretary Information, Government of Sindh and hoped that during the tenure of the new setup at Sindh Information, the problems faced by member publications will be duly addressed and the mutual relations between APNS and the Sindh Government would be strengthened.

The provincial Committee of APNS at its meeting held on November 28, 2011 chaired by its Convener, Javed Mehr Shamsi expressed its pleasure on the change at Sindh Information and expected that the malpractices in release of government advertisements prevailed in the past would be eradicated and healthy practices and policies would be adopted in the Sindh Information Department.

The APNS Sindh Committee has noted with concern that in the past, provincial advertisements were either released to the ghost and non-deserving publications on the whims and wishes of top officials or issued to publications, owned / patronized by the public representatives belonging to the ruling party.

The members noted that ads to the long standing genuine publications were drastically curtailed despite various representations. The members also observed that the payments relating to the past dues as well as the ads appeared from July 2011 onwards have not so far been made whereas some favourite publications have been paid in advance. The Sindh Committee was confident that the new administration would address these issues for the betterment of print media in the province.

The meeting was attended by the following:

Javed Mehr Shamsi, Convener, Sindh Provincial Committee, Sarmad Ali, Secretary General, Shimaila Matri Dawood, Alt. Convener, Aamer Mahmood (Monthly Kiran), Anwar Farooqui (Daily Aghaz), Ghulam Nabi Chandio (D/Pak), Aamir Khattak (D/Awami Awaz), Kazi Asad Abid (D/Ibrat), Khalid Mahmood (D/Khabrain), Ali Hasan (D/Dawn), Adnan Malik ( (D/Ummat), Mushtaq A. Qureshi (M/Naey Ufaq), Qudsia K. Khan (D/Financial Post), Syed Hamid Hussain Abedi (D/Amn), Uzma Rizvi (D/Jang), Dr. Waqar Yousuf Azeemi (M/Roohani Digest), Nasir Daad Baloch (D/Sindh Sujaag), Younus Riaz (D/Beopar) and Zahida Abbasi (D/Nau Sijj).

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