The 6th “Peace Cup” International Youth Football Invitational Tournament opened in Shenyang, 2020

SHENYANG, China, August 25, 2020 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The opening ceremony of the 6th “Peace Cup” International Youth Football  Invitational Tournament was held at the No. 2 stadium of the “Peace Cup” World  Football Park in Shenyang on the afternoon of August 21.


The 6th “Peace Cup” International Youth Football Invitational Tournament opened in Shenyang, 2020.

The “Peace Cup” International Youth Football Invitational Tournament was awarded as the only “National Sports industry Demonstration Project” in northeast China this year. The “Peace Cup” competition is still adhering to the theme of “One Belt and One Road connects the world with peace and friendship”. It is sponsored by Shenyang municipal people’s government and undertaken by the people’s government of Heping district and Shenyang sports bureau.

Representatives from several professional football clubs from the U13 echelon domestic, four foreign student teams and youth teams from all over the country attended the entrance ceremony. The international students from universities have strong strength, with players from more than 20 countries including Russia, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Mexico and so on. This is the first time for the football team of international students from universities to participate in the “Peace Cup”, which greatly improves the enjoyment of the competition.

The Tacheng Football Team of Shenyang Sister City has sent teams to participate in the past five competitions in Shenyang. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Tacheng football Team regretted its absence. However, Tacheng football Team sent a video blessing to the sixth “Peace Cup”, which became a popular promo film on the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that in order to let more people watch the contest with better sense, the organizing committee adopted the Liaoning mobile joint Huawei VR cloud under 5G 360-degree of VR live experience, which is also the first time “Peace Cup” innovation to connect large bandwidth, low latency, wide mobile 5G communication technology application in the opening ceremony, which bring the audience a more liberal view, new 360-degree have a bird’s eye view of the experience.

The song “My Family Lives in Shenyang” by Zhu Xiaohong, a national first-class actor, enables the audience to relive the classic songs. The constantly flashing pictures of Shenyang on the screen also enables the participating teams to have a more intuitive understanding of Shenyang. Chinese and foreign singers sang the song “I will come in the future”, which pushed the opening ceremony to the climax.

“The Peace Cup” International Youth Football Invitational Tournament is based in Shenyang and open to the world, showing the health, happiness, friendship and peace that football gives children.

Source: Shenyang Municipal People’s Government

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