Technology can enhance mangoes exports manifolds

Karachi, August 16, 2013 (PPI-OT): The exports of 0.145 million ton mangoes could be easily increased threefold in the next two to three years to different countries with the latest hot water technology and state-of-arts world two biggest processing plants aimed at earning handsome foreign exchange for national kitty and expansion of modern agro-based sector of the country.

This was stated by Dr A Q Durrani, CEO of Durrani Associates in a press briefing here on Wednesday. Pakistan’s could enhance its mango exports manifold in next three years because the production of mangoes stands at 1.8 million per year in the country.

The hot water is not new technology in the world to maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetable up to seven days but technology of hot water in Pakistan which has been developed by Durrani Associates keeps the fruit and vegetable fresh up to 40 days, he added.

At present, the technology including processing and exporting mangoes could be keep fresh by 40 days as its pulp is made free from nine bacteria elements through temperature at 47 Celsius.

Durrani Associates has introduced Pakistan’s mangoes in seven new markets in the last two years including—Iran, Mauritius, South Korea, Jordan, Lebanon and China.

South Korea and Mauritius markets have been started exporting mangoes in the recent summer whereas the exports of mango will be started to Australia in coming days.

Currently, there are two plants of Durrani Associates which are biggest in the world as far as hot water technology is concerned. One plant processes 15 ton of mangoes per hour and second is 10 ton per hour. The third biggest plant in Mexico processes 4.5 ton of fruit per hour.

Our products are subjected to stringent quality control that is carried out during its several stages of production, processing packaging and export. Durrani Associates carries out treatment of mangoes from two stages— Pre Harvesting and Post Harvesting, Durrani added.

Pakistan is the country in which 40 percent quantity of mango get rotten due to non-availability of proper storage but it could utilize its mangoes for exports purposes through using processing technology for preserving mangoes.

Pakistan’s mangoes—Sindhri and Choasa—are the delicious in taste and aroma. Its demand is good everywhere in the world. Secondly, Durrani Associates uses sophisticated ships for exporting mangoes which gives its edge to compete with different countries through control cost of doing business.

No doubt as exports of mangoes will be increased to different countries, the country will receive foreign exchange and farmers will be empowered financially paving the way towards increasingly contribution to GDP by agriculture industry.

Durrani Associates wants to expand its network in all provinces in this regard but it needs support of the government to set up plants on the model of joint-venture and provide all available resources through engaging different stakeholders in the agro-based sector particularly farmers, cold storage owners, required ships and carriers, he added.

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