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PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – ‘Eminent international experts are expected to take part in ‘National Consultation on Green Economy’

Islamabad, May 15, 2012 (PPI-OT): Eminent international experts and high level Pakistani officials and business representatives are expected to take part in ‘National Consultation on Green Economy’ jointly organized by [...]

The experts said inequality, energy crisis and poor governance threaten stability and security of the country while social justice and pro-poor governance are must for a peaceful and prosperous future

Islamabad: Imtiaz Gul, Chairman, Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), Ali Khizar Aslam, Head of Research, Business Recorder, Karachi, Arshad H. Abbasi, Senior Advisor, Water and Energy, SDPI and [...]

Development projects are planned without considering the human and environmental

Islamabad: Sustainable development can only be achieved by putting people and environment at the heart of development process in Pakistan, said SDPI experts during a briefing for the students and [...]

Speaker and participants, while deliberating on worsening human rights situation in Balochistan

Islamabad: Speaker and participants, while deliberating on worsening human rights situation in Balochistan, unanimously demanded an immediate end to ongoing security operation in the province and recovery of missing persons [...]

Actionable, creative research agenda needed to ensure country s sustainable development: Experts

Karachi: There is a dire need of collaboration among academicians and researchers in order to determine actionable and creative research agenda to save this country and ensure its sustainable development, [...]

We must look towards East for sustainable development

Karachi: Given the multiple crises in the West, daunting challenge of poverty at home, and the emerging needs to look towards East, paradigms of sustainable development in South Asia need [...]

Pakistan joins Nobel Peace Prize global celebrations

Islamabad: Pakistani people stand united with peace-builders around the world on December 10 to celebrate the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize and women’s participation in building a secure world, said Aman-o-Nisa: [...]

Painting roofs can cut energy costs

Islamabad: Experts at a seminar were unanimously agreed that painting the roofs and build environment with white can reduce temperature in cities and can drastically cut energy consumption by lowering [...]

Government urged to make conscious effort to preserve Ormuri language

Islamabad: Deliberating on the need to protect endangered languages in Pakistan, the national and international experts, urge on making conscious effort to preserve extinct Ormuri language spoken by Ormuri people [...]

Sustainable Development Policy Institute seminar on the Crisis in Pakistan’s energy sector

Islamabad: There is a need to control lines losses, rationalize energy tariffs, establish a single coordinating agency for energy development in Pakistan, appointing competent professional CEO’s and private management for [...]