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Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s election of board of directors in EOGM

Karachi, June 18, 2013 (PPI-OT): Consequently upon election of the Directors of the Board of Apna Microfinance Bank Limited (AMBL). The members/ shareholders has elected following

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s chief executive and director

Karachi, June 07, 2013 (PPI-OT): Consequently upon approval received from State Bank of Pakistan for Mr. Muhammad Saleem Shaikh.

Mr. Shaikh have takeover the charge for

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s appointment of director

Karachi, May 20, 2013 (PPI-OT): We have to inform you that Mr. M. Saleem Shaikh has been appointed as Director, (subject to the Fit and Proper

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s board of directors’ meeting

Karachi, May 09, 2013 (PPI-OT): This is to inform you that the Board of Directors in its meeting held on April 27, 2013, the Board under

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s impending transformation into a nationwide MFB

Karachi, March 12, 2013 (PPI-OT): Please refer to your letter # BPRD (R and P-01) 2013-1806 dated February 14th 2013.

We would like to invite your

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s financial results for the year ended December 31, 2012

Karachi, March 04, 2013 (PPI-OT): We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Bank in their meeting held on Friday, March 1,

Shahid elected Chairman Apna Microfinance Bank

Karachi, February 26, 2013 (PPI-OT): The Board of Directors (BoD) of Apna Micro Finance Bank has elected Mian M. A. Shahid as Chairman of the bank.

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s change of registered office, fax no./ telephone nos./ e-mail/ website

Karachi, December 12, 2012 (PPI-OT): Kindly note that the address of the registered office, fax no, telephone nos. has been shifted to the following, with effect

Apna Microfinance Bank Limited’s board meeting

Karachi, August 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): This is to inform you that the emergent meeting of the Board of Director of the Bank is scheduled to be …