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Suzuki Slashes Swift Prices by Up to Rs. 7 Lac in Limited Offer

Pak Suzuki Motor Company has announced a substantial price reduction of up to Rs. 710,000 for Swift in what they've termed as a 'limited-time offer.' In response to the current market, Suzuki revealed the adjusted retail prices of Suzuki Swift effective May 1, 2024. The Swift GL MT will now be available at Rs. 4,336,000, marking a reduction of Rs. 85,000 from its previous price of Rs. 4,421,000. Similarly, the Swift GL CVT sees a price drop of Rs. 159,000, now priced at Rs. 4,560,000 compared to its earlier Rs. 4,719,000. The most significant price adjustment comes with the Swift GLX CVT, which now stands at Rs. 4,719,000, witnessing a notable decrease of Rs. 710,000 from its previous price of Rs. 5,429,000. It's important to note that these revised retail prices include FED and Sales Tax but exclude Advance Income Tax, as mentioned in the official notice. Shafiq Ahmed Shaikh, Head of Corporate Affairs at Pak Suzuki Motor Company, emphasized that these price reductions are temporary, attributing them to t he company's aim to restore economic stability and minimize currency fluctuations. He also highlighted the supportive role of government policies and the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) in this decision. This move by Pak Suzuki comes amidst other significant price adjustments in the automobile market. Lucky Motor Corporation recently announced a substantial price cut for KIA's Stonic EX+ in Pakistan, dropping from Rs. 6,280,000 to Rs. 4,767,000, effective April 29. Industry analysts view these price adjustments as strategic measures to stimulate demand and enhance market competitiveness in the challenging automotive sector. Mohammed Abrar, an auto analyst at Arif Habib Limited, believes that such initiatives aim to capture a larger market share amid evolving market conditions. Source: Pro Pakistani