Sui Southern Gas Company Limited’s free – float of shares

Karachi: In accordance with the Regulation No. 21 (3) of the Listing Regulations, we provide the Free-Float of shares of our Company as on March 31, 2012 hereunder:


Total Outstanding Shares=880,916,309=
Less:   Shares held by Directors/Sponsors13,779
Government Holdings as promoter/acquirer/controller729,331,988
Shares held by Associated Companies (Cross holding)Nil
Shares held with general public in physical form15,010,866744,356,633
Total number of shares available in CDS322,589,320
Total number of shares in Physical Form558,326,989


For more information, contact:
Syed Muhammad Ali
Deputy Chief Manager (Shares)
Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
SSGC House, Sir Shah Suleman Road,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi-75300, Pakistan
PABX Tel: 92-21-99021743-44
Fax: 92-21-99231702
Pipe Line Terminal,
University Road, Karachi-32