Sui Southern Gas Company Limited’s Code of Corporate Governance Disclosure of Interest / Closed Period

Karachi: Pursuant to Clause XXVI’ of the Code of Corporate Governance dated 28 March 2002 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and adopted by the Karachi Stock Exchange (G) Limited vide its Notice dated 9 May 2002 as part of the Listing Regulations, the Company hereby announces the period from 20 October 2011 to 27 October 2011 (both days inclusive) as “CLOSED PERIOD” during which Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and other executives including their spouse and minor children of the Company arc prohibited from dealing in the shares of the Company.

The aforesaid Cause further requires the above individuals to keep the Company Secretary informed of any sale/purchase in the shares of the Company (SSGC) at any time during the year.

An extract from the aforesaid Code of Corporate Governance is attached for your perusal and necessary compliance.

Disclosure of Interest

“Where any director, CEO or executive of a listed company or their spouses sell, buy or take any position, whether directly or indirectly, in shares of the listed company of which he is a. director, CEO or executive, as the ease may be, he shall immediately notify in writing the Company Secretary of his intention. Such director, CEO or executive, as the case may be, shall also deliver a written record of the price, number of shares, form of share certificates (i.e. whether physical. or electronic within the Central Depository System) and nature of transaction to the Company Secretary within four days of effecting transaction. The notice of the director CEO or cxecu6vc, as the case may be, shall be presented by the Company Secretary at the meeting of the Board of Directors immediately subsequent to such, transaction.

In the event of default by a director, CEO or executive to give a written notice or deliver a written record, the Company Secretary shall place the matter before the Board of Directors in its immediate next meeting:

Provided that each listed company shall determine a closed period prior to the announcement of interim/final results and any business decision, which may materially affect the market price of its shares. No director. CEO or executive shall, directly or indirectly, deal iii the shares of the listed company in any manlier during the closed period.”


For the purpose of this clause, the expression “executive” mean an employee of a listed company other than the CEO and directors whose basic salary exceeds five hundred thousand rupees in a financial year.

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