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Stylers International Completes Allotment of Right Shares into CDS

Islamabad: Stylers International Limited has successfully credited unpaid right shares into accounts within the Central Depository System (CDS) as of July 08, 2024, as confirmed by the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC).

This completion follows an announcement made by Stylers International on April 30, 2024, detailing the plan for the right shares issuance. The CDC has confirmed, through letter No. OPS/CA/R1/06 dated July 09, 2024, the crediting of these securities which total 582,583.

According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the process began with the confirmation letter from July 04, 2024 (received on July 08, 2024), outlining the allotment of these shares to the CDC’s name. The successful crediting of shares marks a significant step in the rights issuance process by Stylers International Limited.

The action aligns with the company’s commitment to timely updates regarding share allocations and follows established protocols for crediting such securities within Pakistan’s financial infrastructure.

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