Statement by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs on 2nd ACD Summit Bangkok 10 Oct 2016

1.It is indeed a unique honour and pleasure for me and my delegation to attend the 2ndACD Summit in the beautiful and vibrant city of Bangkok. I would like to thank our gracious hosts for their warm welcome and generous hospitality.

2.The Asia Cooperation Dialogue process initiated by Thailand is not only a grand vision, it has now successfully assumed institutional status for achieving the desired objectives.

3.The presence of such distinguished gathering at this 2nd ACD Summit reflects the interest of its members in promoting cooperation among them and in enhancing the social well being and prosperity of their people.

4.It is very inspiring to note that Asia remains the fastest growing region of global economy. The ACD as a collective construct, has great potential to emerge as a viable organization for economic and social development of the region. At the same time,poverty, food security, water scarcity, inadequate health facilities, illiteracy, climate change and natural disasters continue to pose serious challenge to development dividends of the region.

5.We would like to register our satisfaction and express our principled support to the ACD vision for Asia cooperation 2030 along with its Blueprint. This Action Plan for 2017-21 can serve as a roadmap forthe six priority pillars. Pakistan has opted to become Prime Mover for "Connectivity" and co-Prime Mover for "Tourism and Culture"

6.We hope that the roadmap of activities and cooperation will provide enormous opportunities to the people of the ACD countries to embark on the path of a sustainable development strategy both nationally and regionally in sync with the global UN agenda.

Mr. Chairman,

7.Pakistan has successfully overcome challenges to its stability by undertaking a comprehensive counter terrorism strategy. As a result, the security situation throughout the country has substantially improved. This together with financial and structural reforms have led economic revival and accelerated growth.

8.We believe infrastructure development ispivotal to regional connectivity. In this regard, we have already launched the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a premier project under the "One Belt One Road" initiative of the People's Republic of China. This road and the related infrastructure will provide high speed corridors from up-country to port cities,reducing travel time and operating costs. It could also improve future interconnectivity with Middle Eastand Central Asia.

9.On the energy connectivity front, Pakistan isdeveloping new energy projects including TAPI and CASA-1000 with the Central Asian republics.

Mr. Chairman,

10.There is a need to synergise the efforts of ACD with regional organizations such as ASEAN, SAARC, ECO and others, as we move forward onthe trajectory of our Roadmap. This will help to capitalize on the region's potential.

11.In the end, I would like to extend our full support to the Vision 2030 and the Bangkok Declaration. We also support the establishment of ACD Permanent Secretariat in Kuwait. We are of the view that staff and running costs of the ACD Permanent Secretariat should be kept minimal.

12. We must seize the momentum generated today for achieving the goal of transforming ourdiverse strengths into a new socio-economic architecture for a progressive, stable and prosperous Asia.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan