Special Security Arrangements In Supreme Court Building W.E.F. November 21, 2011

Islamabad: For proper Court decorum and smooth functioning of the Supreme Court, entry into Courtroom No.I on 21.11.2011 (Monday), would be regulated by passes. Following steps have been taken in this regard:-

Special security cameras have been installed in the Court rooms as well as Public entry gates and reception areas of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Passes will be issued to the petitioners, respondents, their learned counsels appearing before the Court.

The entry of the journalists who regularly cover Supreme Court proceedings will also be made through passes. Any additional demand for journalists’ entry could be made to the Additional Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan.

As regards others, passes will be issued to all those who are interested to watch court proceedings but subject to seating capacity in the said Courtroom. Passes to be issued on “first-come-first-serve-basis” may be obtained from the office of Additional Registrar, Supreme Court.

Entry into Court building will be allowed after checking/frisking and searching of bags/purses etc. No Cell phone can be carried inside the Courtroom.

We expect all concerned to follow the instructions and cooperate with the security staff on duty in the Court premises.

For more information, contact:
Shahid Hussain Kamboyo
Public Relations Officer
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Tel: +9251 920 4184
Fax: +9251 920 1001
Email: pro_scp@yahoo.com

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