Special Envoys of Prime Minister Senator Mushahid Hussain and Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Khan meet president Obama’s special assistant peter Lavoy in Washington

Islamabad, October 08, 2016 (PPI-OT): The Special Envoys of the Prime Minister Senator Mushahid Hussain and Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Khan Kharal met President Obama’s Special Assistant Dr. Peter Lavoy at the White House in Washington DC today, says a press release received here today from Washington DC.

The Special Envoys apprised Peter Lavoy about the grave situation of human rights in Kashmir, the deteriorating security situation in South Asia due to India’s aggressive posture. They also shared documentary evidence of India’s massive human rights abuses in the Occupied Kashmir and the reign of terror India has unleashed on the people of Kashmir. They drew attention to hundreds of Kashmiri men, women and children who have been killed over the past two months; more than 150 civilians had been blinded by the use of lethal pellet guns; and more than 12,000 men, women and children were seriously injured because of the indiscriminate firing by oppressive Indian forces.

The Special Envoys emphasized that turning of a blind eye by the international community particularly the U.S. on India’s jingoistic and hegemonistic policies in the region risked great danger. They stressed that Jammu and Kashmir was the core issue and without its resolution there could never be a lasting peace in the region.

Senator Mushahid Hussain and Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali emphasized that the United States should respond to the present situation in IoK in line with its rich political and ideological ethos and respect for human rights and national freedoms. They further demanded implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir that called for a right to free and fair plebiscite to ascertain will of the Kashmiris on the pattern of East Timor.

The Envoys categorically rejected Indian allegations against Pakistan of supporting terrorism and highlighted that it was not humanly possible to breach the fence that India had erected throughout the Line of Control.

India has indulged in state terrorism against Kashmiris and is simultaneously trying to divert international attention from the gross humanitarian and human rights violations in IoK by falsely blaming Pakistan for the Uri attack.

The Envoys noted that the whole nation was united on our diplomatic, moral and political support for the Kashmir issue.

The U.S. recognized the importance of the resolution of Kashmir issue and urged on both India and Pakistan to resolve their differences through dialogue. It also expressed concern on the human rights situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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