Sindh Environmental Protection Agency defers Environmental Impact Assessment process of 150MW wind power project

Karachi, July 01, 2013 (PPI-OT): Environmental Protection Agency, Government of Sindh has deferred the further process on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of 150 megawatt wind power project owing to various technical flaws in its EIA report. The project is to be installed at Jhimpir by M/s UEP Wind Power (Pvt) Limited.

According to details, during public hearing of the referred project – held at Beach Luxury Hotel on Monday here – the participants of the meeting during discussion on the EIA report of the project validly pointed out various flaws in it.

Consequently Director Technical of EPA Sindh Waqar Hussain Phulphoto advised the proponent of the project M/s UEP Wind to submit an addendum of the EIA report to remove the technical shortcomings as pointed out by the stakeholders during the public hearing.

The main flaws in the referred report –as pointed out during the hearing – were weaknesses in its community survey conducted by the consultant of the proponent to seek views and comments of the people living around the area about the project.

The consultant reportedly failed to mention various important demographics of the community including their source of livelihood, income level, education standard, their access to health and sanitation facilities and their cultural considerations. Moreover, the results of the community development survey imply that communication with the community was not made through their local language and it became main cause of dull expression of their concerns and hopes on the project.

It was also pointed out during the public hearing that it was not mentioned in the report how proponent will handle various environmental issues likely to be emerged during the construction phase of the project including disposal of construction waste; treatment of civic wastewater and disposal of civic waste that will be generated by the construction staff’s temporary settlements around the project area and mitigation measures to control the noise pollution by the construction machinery that will affect the people living around the area.

The report is also reportedly devoid of exact details of the presence of flora and fauna, endangered species and extent of biodiversity in the area of the project and how the project’s installations are going to affect them and the precautionary environmental and safety measures to be taken by the proponent to save them from any harm.

The proponent has also been directed to get the executive summary of the project translated in local language and distribute its copies among community leaders, local NGOs, stakeholder organizations and other concerned citizens and seek their comments to put them in the addendum of the EIA report of the said project.

The proponent has been directed to submit the addendum within three weeks’ time so that EPA Sindh may process the complete EIA report of the project for the consideration of the EIA expert committee for its onward environmental approval subject to satisfactory compilation of the report.

It may be pointed out that UEP Wind Power Ltd got LOI from AEDB for the development of 150 MW wind power project in Jhimpir Sindh. The project is in development stage and feasibility of the project is in progress. The project will install 100 number of wind turbines generators (WTGs) each with rated output of 1.5 MW.

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