Seminars on Literate and Prosperous Punjab through Quality Non Formal Education

Islamabad: The last leg of 36 districts “Seminar on Literate Prosperous Punjab through Quality of Non-Formal Education and Our responsibilities” was concluded in Lahore. The seminars aimed at raising awareness among masses of Punjab about importance of education and strategic thinking aimed at promoting quality non-formal education for boosting up literacy rate of the province.

The seminars were organized by Department of Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education Department (LNFBED), Government of Punjab in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Memorial Society.

All seminars were presided and honoured by elected representatives (member of National and Provincial Assemblies), provincial, divisional and district officials, Advisors to Chief Minister Punjab, Secretary LNFBED, Commissioners, District Coordination Officers and Executive District Officers. Moreover, each seminar was attended by an average 150 teachers, students and adult learners, representatives of civil society, press club, business organizations and local communities.

In each seminar, an awareness-raising walks and a panel discussion on resource mapping and integration to enhance literacy rates, were held.

Non-Formal Education (NFE) in Punjab suffers from quality issues, as there are no standards of NFE in place. In order to improve the access and quality of NFE in Punjab through strengthening NFE delivery system, LNFBED and JICA have started the Non-Formal Education Promotion Project (NFEPP) in July 2011.

This Project will contribute in setting up minimum standards, curriculum development for Non-formal Basic Education and Adult Literacy, capacity building of LNFBED staff, establishment of assessment methods and tools, and equivalency mechanism with other educational/vocational institutions such as formal schools and Training Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA).

To develop the standards, curricula and assessment methods, JICA-NFEPP reviewed the activities and materials that have been practiced by various service providers. In addition, JICA-NFEPP conducted a field survey to learn and analyze the current situation on the ground. In accordance with the findings, JICA-NFEPP recently started to develop the standards, curriculum and other materials with coordination of various stakeholders.

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