Scattered Monsoon rains predicted during the Week

Islamabad: Monsoon is going to ONSET over upper parts of Pakistan on Monday/Tuesday, giving scattered rains / thundershowers during the week.

Met Office informed that the monsoon currents are penetrating continuously over upper parts of Pakistan that indicate the ONSET of regular monsoon rains during next 24/36 hrs (Monday/Tuesday) in the country. The expected first spell of monsoon rains would last 4-5 days in upper parts of Pakistan, giving scattered rains/thundershowers with isolated heavy falls in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Kashmir. Rain/thundershowers also expected in Islamabad during next 24 hrs. Monsoon rain is also predicted at isolated places of lower Sindh during the mid-week.

Met Office also informed that the monsoon normally onsets in Pakistan on 1st July, but it is going to start (onset) 4 days before during this year.

The prevailing hot/humid weather conditions since last few days are likely to subside in Islamabad, Punjab, KPK and Kashmir from Monday.

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