Road Safety Awareness Campaign

Karachi: Transport & Communication Department of City District Government Karachi is carrying out Road Safety Awareness Campaign at problematic spots in the city. The campaign is aimed to enhance Traffic Safety Awareness and Road Safety Education among different road user groups. Up till now the campaign has been carried out at (1) Jail Road (2) NIPA Flyover (3) Gulshan Flyover (4) Guru Mandir Intersection (5) Karimabad Intersection (6) Aisha Manzil Intersection (7) Five Star Intersection (8) Board Office Intersection (9) Civic Centre (10) Urdu Science University (11) Askari Park near Old Sabzi Mandi (12) CSD Stop near Gora Qabristan Korangi Rd. (13) Kala Pull National Medical Hospital near Tuba Mosque (14) My Kolachi Rd. (15) Main Gate (KPT) Keamari and(16) Mari Pur Rd.

The next phase of the campaign is scheduled to be done at (1)Mashriq Centre, on Wednesday, 25th May and (2) National Stadium Main Gate on Thursday, 26th May 2011.

For more information, contact:
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