Resolution of Kashmir Issue is a Must for Good Pak – India Relations

Islamabad: Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazl ur Rahman has said that traitors of nation should be punished and if any Pakistani is involved in making dams on rivers by India in Occupied Kashmir, he should meet the same fate. He was commenting upon the statement of the former Commissioner of Pakistan Indus Commission Jamaat Ali Shah, who has said that Gen. (R) Musharraf was involved in the negligence. As per Indus Water Treaty, three rivers i.e. Chenab, Jehlum and Indus were allocated to Pakistan.

Maulana Fazl ur Rahman observed that water was very important issue. Therefore, there should be no negligence in this regard. He said that Parliamentary Kashmir Committee held two meetings to discuss the matter of construction of dams by India on the rivers, flowing towards Pakistan and advised the Ministry of Water and Power to be alert. He said, water is life line for the Pakistan economy.

Hence any negligence committed in this regard will not be condoned by the nation. He said that last week he met with the Ambassadors of Europe and drew their attention to this problem, calling upon them to play their role to this effect.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that India was following the policy of obduracy on the Kashmir issue. Instead of resolving the issue, India has unleashed the reign of terror in the Occupied Kashmir. However, whenever an Indian leader visits Pakistan, he pledges to resolve the issue. This was done recently by the Indian parliamentarians as well as their Commerce Minister.

The Chairman said that we were not against having trade with India, but the Kashmir issue should also be resolved. Therefore, this point should be clear as to when India will resolve the issue. He reiterated that the resolution of the Kashmir issue is a must for durable peace and cordial relations between the two countries.

The Chairman said that quite a few Pakistanis are also singing songs of friendship and amity between Pakistan and India. He observed, we also want peace and friendship between the two countries, but resolution of the Kashmir issue is necessary for durable peace and friendship. He said, India was not resolving the core issue of Kashmir, besides she is building dams on the rivers allocated to us and stopping the water, whereas she is increasing its defence budget every year.

This indicates the hidden plan of India. India wants to create problem for Pakistan by stopping the water. Therefore, if any Pakistani is helping India in this regard, he should be given exemplary punishment.

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