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Rawalpindi is Getting Another Modern Bus Service

Rawalpindi will soon be getting another bus service, enabling the residents of the garrison city to enjoy comfortable and affordable public transportation on all the public and private transport routes.

According to the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, it is in the process of starting the operation of an integrated public transport system (Feeder Routes) in Rawalpindi.

Sources told a local media outlet that 78 minibusses (8-meter-long) will be operating on the routes with the project set to be completed in two phases. The first phase of the project will see these buses on 34 routes in the city.

Most importantly, the timings and fares of the upcoming bus service will be similar to the Metro Bus Service. Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary, Arshad Ali, told the media outlet that buses will be imported from China and other countries.

He added that all the buses will be connected to the metro stations in order to use them as feeder buses. According to him, the project’s first phase will be launched in the next few days.

Arshad Ali also informed the public about the change in the Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System route from Kachehri Chowk to Soan Bus Stand. He said that buses will now travel from Kachehri Chowk to Rawat vegetable and fruit market.

Following are the routes of the Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System (Phase 1), according to the information available on the Punjab Mass Transit Authority’s website:

Source: Pro Pakistani