Punjab University Vice Chancellor inaugurates new academic block of Hailey College of Banking and Finance

Lahore: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has inaugurated the new block of Hailey College of Banking and Finance (HCBF) here at the College. Registrar Prof Dr Muhammad Akhtar, HCBF Principal Prof Dr Kh Amjad Saeed, Additional Treasurer Rao Sharif, Deputy Managing Director EFU Qambar Hameed and college faculty members attended the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, VC Dr Mujahid Kamran appreciated the academic services of Dr Amjad Saeed and said he was the most dynamic, focused and positive professor of the varsity. He stated that Mr Saeed was an innovative person and set-up IBA and now state-of-the-art new academic block of the college.

He wished him long and healthy life because nobody was there to replace him. He said the United States was now worse than Pakistan in terms of loans. He said Federal Reserve Act was constituted to give power to rich families to print money and give it to the governments as debt, which is the biggest monetary fraud of the world.

He said the US government was working for these rich families. In 1773, Rothschild called a meeting of 12 richest men in Russia, almost all the Jews and they decided to pay debt to the governments and impose wars. He said the agendas of rich families were being pursued secretly. He said the presidential candidate was screened out and nobody, who is opposed to these rich families, could become US president.

He said any such candidate is eliminated at preliminary stages or later. He said they have been spending 6 billion US dollars on brainwashing of the US people and there are 400 institutes and 3000 think tanks devoted for the cause.

Dr Kamran stated that National Security Agency, which is supposed to deal only with the enemies outside the US territory, was intercepting 1.7 billion communications everyday and storing the information in a huge computer and there was no more privacy in the US now.

He said that Pakistan was at 187th out of 192 countries in the world in terms of spending lower percentage of GDP on education. He said that he didn’t know how the mindset of our rulers could be changed. He said that we should spend more money on education in creation of new knowledge.

The building, consisted of well-furnished class rooms, examination halls, video conference halls etc equipped with modern equipment, with a cost of Rs 30 million, is inaugurated on the day when HCBF also celebrated 8th Patrons Day.

HCBF Principal Prof Dr Khawaja Amjad Saeed, earlier in his inaugural address, said that the courses being taught at the college are designed to adjust students according to the need of the market and tailor cut students are being produced.

He said that 8 new programs were all approved by the HEC and were introduced. He said insurance education was neglected in Pakistan and foreign markets were also captured by Indians.

He said as the Vice-Chancellor had a great heart for faculty development, the HCBF faculty was improving and one female faculty member had also done her PhD, making the PhD faculty number at 3, from China and others are also doing research abroad. He said that HCBF had also made great achievements in extra-curricular activities and medals of high ranks are won in national and international competitions.

He especially thanked Roshan Ali Bhimjee family for financially assisting the new academic block. Mr Qambar Hameed, representing Bhimjee Family, also addressed on the occasion and lauded the efforts of Prof Dr Khawaja Amjad Saeed and threw light on various aspects of insurance sector in Pakistan.

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