Punjab University Microbiology and Molecular Genetics department organizes seminar on dengue fever

Lahore: Punjab University Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG) organized one-day open seminar on “dengue fever” in the lecture hall of the Department on Wednesday.

Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Assistant Professor Dr Shehla Latif delivered a comprehensive lecture on dengue fever. She described the causes, symptoms and other aspects of the disease with illustrations.

Director School of Biological Sciences (SBS) Prof Dr Shahida Hasnain also spoke on the occasion. She enlightened the audience with the microbiological approach to control the spread and transmission of dengue virus.

She gave the idea of biological control of spreading of dengue virus by infecting the dengue mosquito with the specific bacteria named Wolbachia. At the end, Department Chairperson Dr Anjum Nasim Sabri presented shields to the speakers.

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