Punjab University French Department sets translation, comparative studies desks

Lahore: Punjab University Department of French has established “Translation Desk” and “Comparative Studies Desk” to facilitate the increasing number of students. The main objective of Translation Desk is to provide translation of latest research papers, articles and reviews (published in renowned journals) related to sociological issues, literary domain and other technical fields in biological and computer science etc. with multi-lingual approach (French, English, Urdu etc.) and translation of professional/legal documents.

The Comparative Studies Desk will provide introduction, analysis and critical reviews related to comparative literature (with particular focus on occidental and oriental societies), contemporary sociological issues, cultural issues, contemporary literature and other philosophical text/narratives. The desk will work in collaboration with other departments in local and foreign universities and research centres.

For more information, contact:
Punjab University
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Email: registrar@pu.edu.pk