Public Service Commission clarifies

Peshawar: A spokesman of the Public Service Commission Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has contradicted the statement of President of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) appearing in a section of press and clarified that it is neither the first time that a Screening Test is being held for the posts of Medical Officers nor does it amount to any injustice.

Such Tests are being held by the Federal Public Service Commission and other Provincial Public Service Commissions in the country.

He further said that the world over such Screening Tests are a norm in which a very large number of candidates are appearing e.g. the famous SMLE Screening Tests held for doctors in the USA in which thousands of Pakistani candidates also appear each year.

Screening Tests are being held for nearly all professional colleges and universities in Pakistan to ensure that the best of the best are selected and the principle of merit is upheld, he added.

The spokesman said that if a Screening Test is not held for nearly 3500 candidates and selection is only held on interview basis it will take at least 6-7 months to complete the selection of only 400-420 candidates when Government medical units are badly in need of doctors.

It is also not correct, he added that no security arrangements have been made at the screening centres. Full and adequate security arrangements have been made at both colleges and schools where the tests will be held. The Provincial Police and Inspector General Police have been duly requested in this regard.

The Public Service Commission is holding much larger examinations off and on and no security problem has arisen so far. This seems to be a deliberate attempt to create an unwanted sense of scare and disturbance.

In so far as passing marks are concerned, the spokesman said it was explained to the PMA delegation that in Pakhtunkhwa seats are allocated according to zonal formula and a uniform passing marks being fixed for all the zones across the board will tantamount to depriving one or more zones at the expense of other zones thus jeopardizing the formula of regional parity.

The Commission has taken a decision in a full Commission meeting that on the pattern of the Federal Public Service Commission and the other Public Service Commissions in the country, in future screening tests which consists of only one MCQ paper based on the most basic questions, shall be held for filling up of every post.

With the unfortunate deterioration of standards of education in the country and wide variety and proliferation of institutions offering differing standards of education, the screening test is the only foolproof method of ensuring real merit measured on a standard yardstick. Screening Tests are a step towards improving standards of Govt: service which has lost all face and credibility over the years.

Positive quarters should come forward and join in furthering this cause rather than being partners in the process of further deterioration of the public service, the spokesman concluded.

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