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PSX to Switch Regular Market Symbols to One Share Lot

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has notified investors that all regular market symbols which are currently traded in lot sizes of 20, 50, 100, and 500 shares, shall be converted into lot size of ONE Share and these symbols shall be discontinued in ODD Lot market accordingly. Currently, 90 symbols are already being traded in lot size of ONE share. The main bourse mentioned the following points for transitioning to the One Share lot: This transition will take place in batches on a weekly basis. The implementation shall start from 22nd April 2024 and shall be completed in a total of six batches. Companies with lot sizes of 20, 50, and 100 shares are divided into 1 single batch due to nominal contribution % in terms of total trades of the REG market. The remaining batch wise list of companies shall be notified to the market before each implementation. All REG market symbols including GEM symbols will become part of this transition. Equities ETFs (UBLPETF, NITGETF, NBPGETF, MZNPETF, JSMFETF, ACIETF, JSGB ETF and MIIETF) and Fixed Income ETF (HBLTETF) will not be part of this transition and shall continue to trade in a lot size of 500 shares. Resultantly, the mentioned above ETFs shall remain available in the ODD Lot market. Deliverable Future Contracts (DFCs) and initial public offer (IPO), where 500 shares lot size is applicable, shall continue with a lot size of 500 shares. Source: Pro Pakistani