Prime Minister Gilani in Dialogue with the Nation

Islamabad: The democratic Government of the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani will launch a new initiative “Prime Minister in Dialogue with the Nation” on 25th July, 2011 which will have four interactive sessions with eminent personalities from a cross section of the society including Writers, Poets, Intellectuals, Artists, Actors, Educationists, Social Workers, Media Persons with focus on social issues. The discourse which will be first of its kind by any political leader in Pakistan will lead to a meaningful exchange of ideas and views amongst different segments of society.

As the nation prepares to celebrate the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan, Prime Minister will lead this Dialogue to make Pakistan a more tolerant, progressive and cohesive society by bringing together different perspectives in evolving a pluralistic approach for resolution of issues and problems faced by the Pakistani society today, said Cabinet Secretary Ms. Nargis Sethi in a statement issued here today.

The Prime Minister in Dialogue will encourage free discussion on all issues confronted by the society and also strengthen present government’s policy of consensus and reconciliation amongst all the stakeholders.

The recommendations emanating from this unique Dialogue will be incorporated by the Prime Minister in his speech on 14th August, 2011, and these will ultimately become a part of an overall policy to address the menace of terrorism, militancy and extremism as only this can translate Quaid-e-Azam’s dream into reality of making Pakistan a truly modern and progressive state among the comity of nations.

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