Prime Minister’s Arrival Statement on his Condolence Visit to Kabul on the Shahadat of Professor Rabbani

Islamabad: I am here to offer my heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to Afghan people especially to the family of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani and to the families of all others who lost their lives or were injured in this appalling attack.

Pakistan condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that led to the shahadat of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani. His death is a huge loss not only for Afghanistan but for the whole region. The people of Pakistan stand by their Afghan brothers in this moment of grief.

Acts of terrorism constitute a common threat to both our countries and we are together in our joint struggle to combat and eliminate this menace. Prof. Rabbani being a visionary leader was convinced that violence was not an answer to the problems of Afghanistan. He believed in political solutions.

We have been working closely within the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Commission for Peace and Reconciliation on a vision for peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. I fondly recall his two visits to Islamabad in January and June this year.

We will always remember Professor Rabbani as a great friend of Pakistan and an emissary of peace. He was killed by those who were enemies of peace in Afghanistan. This cowardly act has only reinforced the resolve of the people of Afghanistan to pursue peace and stability.

I have no doubt that Prof. Rabbani’s dream for peace will come true and we will see a peaceful Afghanistan on its way to progress and prosperity.

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