To create awareness amongst the general public, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Pakistan has launched a campaign on Say No to Corruption. In order to create awareness amongst general / smoking population of the country, NAB has proposed to print this message on drug/medicine and cigarette packs.

In this context, a meeting held today. Secretary National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Muhammad Ayub Sheikh chaired the meeting.

While addressing to participant of the meeting Director General Awareness & Prevention Division, NAB Miss Aliya Rashid give a detailed presentation on Say No to Corruption. The meeting attended by Officials from Ministry of National Health Services and Regulations, DRAP, Heads of various Tobacco companies, Pharmaceutical companies and Pakistan chemist and druggists association.

DG NAB said major issues of developing countries is corruption with its manifestations as bribery, nepotism, embezzlement and misuse of authority, leading to socio economic problems. In Pakistan we are under higher threat from corruption. Therefore there is a need to ancourage people to stand up in the fight against corruption.

She emphasized Government's commitment, express nation's resolve, to meet the future challenges and involve people of the country in the fight against corruption, the National Accountability Bureau has intensified its campaign against the menace of corruption. Our slogan is Say No to Corruption.

Supporting the cause of creating awareness against the evils of corruption amongst the messes will go a long way in eradicating corruption in our country.

DG NAB talked about the various forms of corruption and how they are damaging our society and reminded the Quaid-e-Azam words that corruption is a poison and we must put it down with iron hand. She also highlighted the initiatives taken by NAB to create awareness amongst the general public through seminars, talks, books and advertisements. DG NAB Aliya Rashid emphasized that all religions prohibit Corruption.

DG NAB urged that every Pakistani realizes that corruption is the mother of all our ills. It has given birth to nepotism and favoritism, and has negated meritocracy, transparency and accountability. The most potent tool to effect radical changes can be our younger generation. Our passionate youth have all the vigor and zeal to take Pakistan to glory and excellence. We can, and we will, win this war.

She also mentioned steps taken by National Accountability Bureau to curb corruption. For this, the slogan Say No to Corruption has been printed on postage stamp, utility bills, CNIC carrier papers, driving licenses, ATM Machines, Railway Tickets, Postal envelope, Airport Screens and newspapers of Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan as well, thus spreading the message to everyone. A story book Gogi SaysNoto Corruption and colouring book for primary level have also been printed for children. The message Say NO to Corruption is also displaying in all cinema halls.

She said a large number of Pakistanis are cigarette smokers. Therefore cigarette packs can be good source to spread the message Say No to Corruption. The cigarette packs already carry a public service message related to health and it has been learnt that Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination is working to redesign the cigarette packs. She requested that the message Say No to Corruption may also be written on cigarette packs, as well as medicine packing.

In the end, Secretary NHSRC constituted two different committees to discuss display of say No to Corruption message on medicine and cigarette packs.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage