PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – Polio Inauguration ceremony and Awareness Session

Karachi, June 03, 2012 (PPI-OT): A Polio Inauguration of June 2012 SNID by Mr. Ghanwar Laghari DC West Gadap in uc5 at Mullah hassan/ Junjal goth Gadap Town was organized by Dr Khalil Ansari THO Gadap with the support of Tahira DHCSO COMNET UNICEF. Participants included Afghan/Pushtoon Ulemas, noteables, school teachers and children of the area, LHWs along with DHCSO, UCCOs , SM ,UCPWs , N Stop, Area Coordinator WHO headed by Team Leader Dr. Salah. and Afghan senior leaders and clergy was also present there. Community was given PEI/ EPI messages by the Mr Ghanwar Lughari DC west , Dr Sallaha WHO TL, Dr Manzoor N stop, Dr Khalil Ansari THO, Agha Azam repatriation coordinator afghan refugees cell Karachi, Haji abdulah Bukhari afghan community elder and religious leader .

Announcements were made from mobile floats with polio tru stories regarding awareness on Polio being run, while flyers and leaflets were also distributed at the same time to the community .The response by the community to the above activity was very encouraging.

The note ables and religious leaders of the community had shown keen interest in creating further awareness among the residents of their areas and assured that they would use their influence to communicate the POLIO message positively to the public.

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