PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – India should Stop Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir – Fazlur Rahman

Islamabad, June 05, 2012 (PPI-OT): Chairman Special of the Parliament on Kashmir has urged India to stop state terrorism in the Occupied Kashmir.

He also appreciated the recent report of the Amnesty International in which the premier human rights organization has called upon India to revoke the draconian laws, such as Armed Forces Special Powers (AFSPA) Act and Public Safety Act, stop atrocities on Kashmiris, allow the human rights activists to visit the Occupied Kashmir and to implement the assurances on human rights given to the UN Human Rights Council.

The Chairman said that the horrible human rights situation in the Occupied Kashmir is also under consideration of the UPR, a UN Security Council organ at Geneva, and India has got it postponed twice, out of fear. He said that the Indian atrocities in the Occupied Kashmir fell in the ambit of the international crimes.

He said that the Indian security forces had unleashed the state terrorism in Kashmir. India has deployed over eight hundred thousand security forces, who enjoy unlimited powers under AFSPA, Public Safety Act and other draconian laws. The security forces can torture or kill Kashmiris, destroy their properties and dishonour their women, but the soldiers go scot free and courts of law can’t do anything.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee observed that India was occupying Jammu and Kashmir with force only. It is giving impression that the Kashmiris are happy with India. However, if India withdraws its forces, the façade of peace will be exposed in a day.

He said that despite its efforts, India had failed to hide the human rights violations in Kashmir. Every next day, there is a condemnation from a corner of the world against this high handedness. Therefore, India won’t be able to keep the Kashmiris in bondage for a long time and it would have to give them freedom.

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