Power outages to continue till 2018 statement rejected by spokesman of Water and Power Development Authority

Lahore: A spokesman of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has rejected a statement “Power outages to continue till 2018”, attributed to WAPDA Chairman Mr. Shakil Durrani, appeared in a section of media and termed it as irresponsible and misleading.

The spokesman expressed surprise that how a statement which was never uttered by WAPDA Chairman was ascribed to him.

WAPDA Chairman briefed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Water and Power only on Neelum-Jhelum and other water and hydropower projects, he said.

The spokesman clarified that the overall power situation in the country including loadshedding falls in the ambit of the Ministry of Water and Power. He said that WAPDA looks after water and hydropower projects, and it will continue to play its role in constructing dams and hydropower projects to help store water for irrigation, and increase power generation in the country.

The spokesman regretted that WAPDA Chairman was being dragged unnecessarily into a controversy.

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