PCDMA demanded to remove Flaws in CREST

Karachi, April 03, 2019 (PPI-OT): PCDMA Chairman Shahid Vaseem has demanded FBR Authorities to remove Flaws in software of CREST, and requested to high official of FBR to ease the business as per vision of government and continue the production activities of exporting industry to enhance the export of country. He was given briefing in a meeting with crest director Asim Majeed khan. In the meeting Vice Chairman of PCDMA Mr. Saleem Nini Lahore zonal office President Mr. Kashif Raza and ex Vice President of FPCCI Mr. Saqib Fayyaz Magoon were also present.

PCDMA Chairman Mr. Shahid Vaseem has also informed the Crest director that FBR has issued notices to commercial importer due to not updating of Crest software, which causes restlessness in business community. He said that if commercial importers has sold his items to a company who has black listed after the transaction but notices has issued to them also even it was not black listed at the time of transaction and hence there is no responsibility on them after the transaction so they have not issued notice on these transaction. He also point out that crest also not get benefit of SRO 1125 to all importers which comes under zero rated sectors. He demanded to remove Flaws in software of CREST and asked for benefit to commercial importer in import stage.

Director Asim Majeed Khan assured the delegation of PCDMA to solve the problem and said that, there will be no notices issued to commercial importer if they sold their items to a company, who have black listed after the transaction. He assured to make changes in software regarding zero rated sectors and make it accordingly to SRO.

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