Parents Open Up on School Fee Controversy

The federal government’s decision to provide 20 percent relief in fee concession to the students of private educational institutions from April 2021 until the reopening of schools has been welcomed by their parents who have sought full implementation of this decision in letter and spirit.

According to an official notification issued by the Ministry of Education, the private institutions charging fees above Rs. 8,000 had been directed to reduce it by 20 percent due to closure of schools amidst the third wave of the pandemic.

The private schools were also instructed to adjust the fee next month if the fee bills for April and May 2021 have been issued and paid by the parents prior to this announcement.

The decision to reduce the fees was taken by the government in response to the demands of the parents.

Ejaz Rehman, whose child is enrolled at a private institution, said, “My son is attending two hours class during which I assist and teach him more than the teacher. I have bought a laptop and pay internet charges”.

“Since my child has been studying online, the school is not bearing any expenditures of my child, like electricity, usage of resource materials (purchased by parents), extra activities, library, and computer usage, etc. so paying full fee charges is unjustifiable,” he contended.

Source: Pro Pakistani