Pakistan’s Embassy holds lecture on Regional Peace and Security

Abu Dhabi, June 28, 2012 (PPI-OT): Embarking on its yet another public diplomacy initiative, and the first-ever of its kind, the Pakistan Embassy in the UAE Wednesday organized interactive lectureon regional and trans-regional route to peaceful coexistence and collective security as a means toraising awareness on contemporary political discourse.

Pakistan’s envoy to the Emirates Jamil Ahmed Khan delivered the hour-long lecture, which drew a good number of participants including university students, academics and guests from other walks of life.

During the course of his talk, Ambassador Khan underscored the importance of regional alliances in maintaining collective peace and security in various parts of the world.

The envoy walked the audience through the complex set of institutional mechanisms and how these frameworks resolved conflicts by drawing on his experiences of working with the United Nations and other multilateral bodies.

He emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence against the backdrop of various conflicts with potential to endanger the world peace and security.

The envoy also recounted Pakistan’s contributions in maintaining peace in the South Asian region as a responsible nuclear state with established policy of investing in collective security for the region.

“To the students who have come today to attend the lecture, I must appreciate and encourage learning how our world operates and what means are available to guarantee and conflict-free planet,” said Ambassador Khan.

He invited the university and college students, as well as the faculty, to similar future exercises with a view to harness tradition of informed debates on the contemporary issues and welcomed new ideas for similar session.

Intense Q and A session followed the lecture and the participants showed great interest by following up on the various aspects introduced to the audience by Ambassador Khan during the course of his academic talk.

The lecture series is a public diplomacy initiative by the Pakistan’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi and is meant for raising awareness and drawing on shared intellectual resources for informed exchanges and dialogue on various issues of general interest.

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