Pakistani Scholar Develops Highly Accurate Mapping Method to Study Crop Production Systems

Islamabad: HEC scholar Dr. Mubashir Riaz Khan has developed highly accurate mapping method based on Remote Satellite Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) technologies which can regularly show land use worldwide. It can provide quantities of crops and accurate estimates from space for future planning for countries, regions and the world at large.

His area of research was Applied Remote Sensing and GIS while title of his thesis was “Crops from Space: Improved earth observation capacity to map crop areas and to quantify production.”

Dr. Khan was selected for PhD under HEC’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme for PhD in Selected Fields (Phase-I) in 2006 for the University of Twenty, The Netherlands.

The scholar worked on the theme of Food Security and Environmental Sustainability (FSES) as PhD research and focused on the integration of RS and GIS technologies to study crop production systems.

Dr. Mobushir’s research attracted a lot of attention in the Dutch media. His research was regarded as a top priority and of great value in today’s world. All leading newspapers published the main findings of his thesis and regarded it as having great societal relevance.

Dr. Mubashir is currently working in the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad.

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