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Pakistan Launches Animal Identification and Traceability System in Okara

In a significant step towards modernizing agriculture and enhancing livestock management, Pakistan inaugurated the Animal Identification and Traceability System at the Center of Excellence for Bovine Genetics in Renala Khurd, Okara. According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the event was presided over by Punjab’s Minister for Agriculture, Syed Muhammad Ashiq, who emphasized the system’s potential to revolutionize the livestock industry by improving the quality and traceability of cattle breeds. Major General Shahid Mahmood, Commandant of the Center, provided a detailed briefing on the project’s goals and the advanced technologies involved in producing high-quality bovine embryos. The system aims to boost the productivity and genetic quality of the local cattle population, contributing to the overall development of the agricultural sector in Pakistan. The initiative was met with positive feedback from attending farmers and veterinarians, highlighting its importance in enhancing the capabilities
of Pakistan’s veterinary services.