Pakistan International Airlines’s change of date board meeting and closed period

Karachi: 1. This is with reference to our earlier letter No. CS/S and T/FT/KSE/BM338/INF/12, dated March 06, 2012, on the above subject.

2. This is to inform you that meeting of the Board of Directors of the Corporation will now be held at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 03, 2012 at PIA Head Office, Karachi to consider the Annual Financial Statements of the Corporation for the period ended December 31, 2011.

3. It may be mentioned that in terms of clause xxvi of the Code of Corporate Governance of Listing Regulation 35 of the Stock Exchanges, the period from Monday, March 28 through Tuesday, April 03, 2012 (both days inclusive), will be treated as “Closed Period”. During this period, no Director, Chief Executive or Executives of the Company shall, directly or indirectly, deli in the shares of the Corporation in any manner.

For more information, contact:
Muhammad Shoaib
Secretary – PIA
Pakistan International Airlines
PIA Building,
Head Office – Karachi,
Air Port- Pakistan,
Tel: 99044850
Fax: 99242310

One Response to Pakistan International Airlines’s change of date board meeting and closed period

  1. Khalid says:

    The board is meeting to see the accounts, they hand made massaged accounts of another Pakistani PPP corrupt hidden accounts showing losses but hey not that bad.

    It is scary the thought as when the curtains does lift what is going to happen to our Airline our Country and its people.

    The stooges should remember one thing you can run but you cannot hide the world is a small place now and from wherever you can be dragged back with yr tail between yr legs ( if you have a tial left by then that is) Zardari said he will not listen to the Judges but the people, He is either blind or deaf or both what does he think the people have been saying for the last 4 years! Now we see Mr Bhuto Zardari hes a complete joke! he wants his grandfathers case to be cleared hes forgot about his mothers murderers who were only feet away when he was reading his types script!
    Are the Pakistani people really a nation of fools or just asleep if it is the latter then they need to get up before its too late.

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