Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front urges govt to shelve gas cut plans

Lahore, December 10, 2013 (PPI-OT): Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) on Tuesday severely criticized SNGPL for lengthy gas supply cut and urged the govt to shelve gas closure plan because it would be a deadly blow to the entire industrial sector in general and export oriented industry in particular.

In a statement issued here, the PIAF Chairman Malik Tahir Javed said that the gas cut on the advent of the holiday season, which usually sees a spike in export orders, with hit hard the manufacturing sector.

“Gas closure is bound to plunge the exports to new lows as it is likely to impact entire industry and job loss to millions of workers that would result in industrial unrest.”

The PIAF Chairman said that the government would have to ensure adequate gas supply to the industry because the manufacturing sector can only function viably if it remains operational round the clock that too throughout the year.

“We fear a massive cut in foreign exchange earnings and massive layoffs due to three-month gas closure plan.” Malik Tahir Javed said that various studies had already proved that the gas load shedding is a result of mismanagement and lack of appropriate planning. And if the mismanagement is controlled, the SNGPL would be in a better position to cater to the industry needs.

With proper consultation and by taking the stakeholders in confidence, a viable management and revolving schedule of gas supply could be worked out and the period of acute shortage could be tied over through mutual arrangement.

“Pakistan is in dire need of enhancing exports to provide some cushion to its sagging economy.” The PIAF Chairman urged the government to immediately shelve the proposed load management plan to avert industrial closures and resultant layoffs.

He sought the Prime Minister intervention for regular supply of gas to the industry in Punjab. He said that this single step would throw millions of industrial workers out of jobs, and it would definitely give air to anti-government sentiments.

How can the industry afford to pay an all-time high mark-up when there is no gas for the industry, he added.

He said that there was a global phenomenon that industry was always given priority, but situation in Pakistan was absolutely opposite. Even in Bangledesh, the industry is on the priority list of authorities as far as provision of gas is concerned.

The PIAF Chairman said around 40 per cent of industrial units in Punjab run on gas and gas suspension means no production by almost half of the industry and a loss of millions of rupees to the exchequer.

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